Art Quilt Elements
AQE 2020 Artist

Michael F. James


Haveli 1 (Juna Mahal)

Cotton and reactive dyes.

46” x 57″ x .5″


In late 2016, I spent three weeks in India. Being a first-time traveler there gave me the opportunity to see with “beginner’s eyes.” First timers may not always see beyond the surface or with real penetration, but we tend to notice the unusual in the ordinary, the remarkable in the overlooked, the beautiful in those things taken for granted by others who possess longtime or daily familiarity. I was most attracted to the vernacular architecture of the places I visited and the detailing, often eccentric and improbable, that distinguishes one building or alley or interior courtyard from another. This textile construction alludes to some actual and metaphorical doors and passageways through which I traveled while I was there.