Art Quilt Elements
AQE 2020 Artist

Laura Petrovich-Cheney


Cross Roads

Salvaged wood from Hurricane Sandy.

24” x 24″ x 1″


Material has memory. Look carefully at these grids patterned with wooden fragments, which resemble quilts, to discover pieces of clapboard siding, floorboards, cabinets, and window frames. The intimate textures of this wood with its chipped layers of paint, the nail holes, and other markings tell a story and suggest a prior life in the faded colors and worn surfaces. I never paint the wood. This wood was gathered after natural disasters such as Hurricane Sandy (2013), the Great Smoky Mountains wildfires of 2016, and countless, endless nor’easters. My own story unfolded when I lived through Hurricane Sandy and was able to collect this material. These artworks are about patterns and order. I found refuge and comfort in organizing and arranging the chaos back into patterns inspired by traditional patchwork quilts. Though my materials are quite different from those used in traditional quilts, what I seek is to create is ultimately the same—an object of beauty and comfort, a pieced-together whole from discarded scraps. I want this wood quilt to offer second chances and hope.