Art Quilt Elements
AQE 2020 Artist

Bobbe Nolan


Suspended-Final Curtain

Fiber. Vintage, sun-damaged crochet by Virginia Nell Hairston Wilson (1919-1981) and sections of an anonymous, tattered, yard sale Carolina Lily quilt; dyed, paintsticked, embroidered with perle cotton and yarns. Layered with polypropylene garden cloth, stitched to clear vinyl, gathered with fishline and clear plastic buttons.

53” x 27″ x 3″


We change as we age, often getting a lot more interesting. Life experience tatters our edges and thins (or thickens) our skin and changes our shape. We may need more support, or fewer stairs to climb. Many of us become more comfortable next to diverse colors and opinions. And even if we don’t, we’re suspended in the varying clarity of the present, recognizing that for everyone there is a final curtain.